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Why is my publishing registration still set to ‘Pending’ Status?
Why is my publishing registration still set to ‘Pending’ Status?
Updated over a week ago

Your claim will be automatically set to ‘Pending’ status when you submit a registration for a co-written musical work.

Immediately after submission, an automated email notification is sent out to any named co-writers asking them to confirm the splits you've provided. Your co-writer will also have the opportunity to assign their share to Ditto Music Publishing or proceed with their own publishing arrangements.

If your co-writer fails to respond, you can resend the registration notification and prompt them to confirm their claim. To do this you'll need to locate your release within the My Music section of your Ditto Dashboard and select ‘Publishing’ from the drop-down menu…

From here you will see the submitted musical works. Select ‘Edit’ next to the title you would like to resend to your co-writer.

You will then see an overview of your submitted claim. From here you can select ‘Resend / Accept’.

Selecting ‘Accept’ will put your work forward for registration, but your co-writer will not have the option to agree to the splits or assign their shares to Ditto Music Publishing.

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