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How do I clear a track with samples when registering a Musical Work for Publishing?
How do I clear a track with samples when registering a Musical Work for Publishing?
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You can only register Musical Works featuring samples if you can provide documentation to prove you have secured the following licences:

1. Sound Recording / Master Rights licence from the record company or artist sampled (unless you have re-recorded the sample, in which case you only need the licence described in 2. below)

2. Musical Work licence from the music publisher(s) and/or writer(s) of the composition in the Sound Recording you have sampled

When registering your work containing a sample, please click Yes when asked ‘Have you used any samples in this composition?’.

You will then be prompted to provide details of the sampled work, and confirm the publishing shares retained by the writers of the work you have sampled (this should be agreed when securing the Musical Work licence).

Please note: It is not sufficient to simply secure a Mechanical Rights licence from (e.g. Easy Song Licensing or Harry Fox Agency). This type of licence is not valid and will lead to your work registration being rejected. The only way to legally clear most samples is to enter into the specific legal agreements listed in 1 and 2. above. If your sample has been purchased from a sample library such as Tracklib, please provide the details requested and be prepared to provide your proof of purchase/licence upon request.

Check out the video below for more tips on how to correctly and legally sample other artist's tracks 👇

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