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I am the songwriter - how do I register my songs with Ditto Music publishing?
I am the songwriter - how do I register my songs with Ditto Music publishing?
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First, you will need to sign up and purchase a Ditto Music Publishing subscription here. You can only claim Publishing royalties for Musical Works released through Ditto.

Once you’re signed up, head to My Releases on the Music section of your dashboard and select the Complete tab.

Hit the dropdown menu next to the release you’d like to register for publishing royalties and click Publishing.

Once you reach your track’s publishing dashboard click Add Work.

Select a track from the dropdown menu and select Yes to state that the track you have chosen is an Original Music Work. You can only register Original Music Works for publishing.

You can also enter an Alternative Title for your track at this stage. Learn more about Alternative Titles here.

You should then provide the names, email addresses, roles and royalty shares for any Writers associated with your track, including yourself.

If you’re the only Writer on a track, simply enter your own information with a 100% share. If your Work has multiple Writers, click Add Another Writer and repeat the process to grant royalty shares to any collaborators. The total writers share must be equal to 100% to proceed.

If you have multiple Works with the same Writers, you can use the Copy Shares from… button to automatically assign Writer information from a different track.

You’ll also need to declare whether or not your composition contains any samples. You can only register works featuring samples if you have entered into a direct agreement with both the copyright and sound recording rights owners of the original work.

Once you’ve completed all of the necessary fields, click Register Music Work to complete the process.

We’ll send an email to the addresses of any additional Writers asking them to log in (or sign up for a free Ditto Music account) and confirm their royalty shares.

Please be aware that the shares you provide cannot currently be edited once they have been registered.

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