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What are pending royalties?
What are pending royalties?
Updated over a week ago

Your pending royalties are the royalties which you are owed that have not yet been fully paid out to you. You can view your pending royalty balance by heading to the Royalties tab of your Ditto dashboard.

Pending royalties can include money generated from any releases that still need to be checked ⏳

We sometimes need to carry out license verification checks to make sure you have the necessary licenses and rights to earn royalties from the music you release.

Licensing checks can sometimes take a bit of time, but we'll try our best to get these to you as quickly as possible 🙏

If your music is 100% your own creation or you have the necessary licenses for any covers, remixes or samples, we’ll make sure you have full access to your royalties as soon as possible.

For more info about when you will receive your royalties, head here.

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