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How do I get paid for my music?
How do I get paid for my music?
Updated over a week ago

You can withdraw royalties directly from your Ditto Music account. Just head to the Royalties tab in your account dashboard and click Withdraw.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to add a payout method. After a quick identity check, you’ll be able to Manage Payment Methods.

Click Update Details to add your banking information. You can set up multiple payment methods from the same account.

Once you’ve linked a payout method and have at least £25 in your account, hit the Withdraw button to request a payout.

We’ll send 100% of the royalties you’ve earned straight to your bank account as soon as we receive the funds from stores.

You may also see pending royalties in your account. These are royalties generated by any releases that are still undergoing licensing checks. Learn more about Pending Royalties here.

We're no longer using Payoneer to process royalties payouts.

If you've previously received royalty payments through Payoneer, you will need to re-enter your bank details on our new payout dashboard.

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