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How are TikTok royalties paid?
How are TikTok royalties paid?
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TikTok pay outs royalties differently to most other music platforms.

Royalties payments are based on the number of videos created using your song, not number of times the videos containing your song are streamed and viewed.

You can see stats for both TikTok streams/plays and TikTok videos created in the Royalties and Analytics sections of your Ditto dashboard.

Your Analytics dashboard shows how many individual videos have been created using your music. Head to the Analytics tabs and scroll down. Your TikTok royalty payments are based on this figure.

Your Royalties dashboard shows the total number of TikTok streams/views your music has racked up. Just scroll down and select the Stores tab.

The more videos your music is featured in, the more royalties you will earn from TikTok. The total number of TikTok streams your music receives will not impact your royalty payments.

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