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How do I submit music for Spotify playlists?
How do I submit music for Spotify playlists?
Updated over a week ago

Getting featured on Spotify playlists is a great way to boost your streams and reach new fans 📈 🎶

There are two main ways to submit your music for the chance to be featured on Spotify playlists 👇

1. Submit to Ditto Spotify playlists

We love to feature Ditto artists on our own Spotify playlists. Our playlists cover all kinds of genres and styles, so send us your latest track for the chance to be included!

Find out more and submit music for the Ditto playlists here 🤞

2. Submit to Official Spotify playlists

Any bands or artists releasing music to Spotify can pitch for official Spotify playlist spots through Spotify for Artists 🎧

There's more info about how to submit music for official Spotify playlists here.

Good luck!

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