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How do I get verified on music platforms?
How do I get verified on music platforms?
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Wanting that sought-after blue tick next to your name? It's surprisingly simple to get your artist profile verified on Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music. Here's what you need to do: 👇

  • Release your music on these stores

  • Once your music is live, sign up for each platform's artist services to track your music's performance, and pitch for official playlists.

  • If your music isn't live on Spotify yet, learn how to access Spotify for Artists before your release date here.

Why sign up?

Each artist services platform has a wide range of useful tools to help develop and progress your music marketing strategies. We'd suggest signing up to each to help drive your career to the next level.

Check out some of the benefits of joining these music platforms and follow the links to get signed up and verified! ✅

Spotify for Artists 📊

  • Get verified on Spotify automatically

  • Pitch for official Spotify playlists

  • Track your streams & listeners worldwide

  • Edit & manage your artist profile

Sign up here! ✍️

Apple Music for Artists 🍏

  • Upload custom artists images

  • Track Apple Music playlists additions

  • Analyse your listeners and streaming data

Sign up here! ✍️

Amazon Music for Artists 📈

  • Get verified on Amazon automatically

  • Track data for your streams, fans, voice searches & more

  • Connect your Twitch & Amazon Music profiles

Sign up here! ✍️

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