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How do I get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube?
How do I get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube?
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It's easy to claim your Official Artist Channel on YouTube with Ditto Music. Here's everything you need to know.

If you've released music to YouTube Music or YouTube Content ID with Ditto, you can apply for an Official Artist Channel from your Ditto Artist Dashboard.

Head to your Artist tab, select the Artist you're applying for and click YOUTUBE OFFICIAL ARTIST CHANNEL.

Then complete the form to submit your application.

You'll need your YouTube Channel ID and Topic Channel ID.

What are Official Artist Channels?

Official Artist Channels help musicians get even more out of YouTube.

Once you've claimed your OAC, you'll get access to the analytics and tools you need to further engage with fans and better manage your presence across the platform.

Check out our complete guide to Official Artist Channels to learn more or watch the video below for a quick overview.

Can I claim an Official Artist Channel?

Yes! But first, you'll need the following:

1. A YouTube channel that you manage with at least 3 published videos - primarily featuring music from one artist.

This can be any artist's YouTube account that you control. Please don't submit a channel for your label, a certain genre of music, or a compilation of various artists.

2. A YouTube Topic Channel

YouTube Topic Channels are autogenerated by the platform whenever an artist releases music on YouTube. You'll need a topic channel ID to apply for an OAC. Learn more about YouTube Topic channel IDs.

3. An active Ditto Music subscription.

If you've got an Artist, Professional, or Label account with Ditto, you can claim your Official Artist Channel.

Already got the above? Great! You can apply for an Official Artist Channel here.

Merging your existing accounts

For more info on how to merge your existing YouTube accounts and set up an Official Artist Channel, reach out to YouTube support 🤝

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