You can add both Release Splits and Track Splits from a release’s Royalty Splits dashboard.

Release Splits

You can add Release Splits using the +Split All button. Release Splits will be applied to every track on your release.

On streaming platforms, each track will earn royalties individually based on streams. But when an entire release with multiple tracks is downloaded, the royalties will be divided based on both Release and Track Splits.

For example, if an EP with 5 tracks earned $100 from downloads of the entire release, each track would earn $20. That $20 earned would be split once again based on the individual Track Split.

Track Splits

You can add Track Splits using the + Add Split buttons next to any track on your release. Track Splits allow you to add collaborators to individual tracks within a release, rather than the whole release at once.

Learn more about split royalty payments:

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