First you’ll need to navigate to your release’s Royalty Splits dashboard.

You cannot edit and remove royalty splits once they have been accepted and confirmed by your collaborators.

We will be adding the option to edit confirmed royalty splits in the near future, but for now please take extra care when adding, saving and confirming royalty splits.

If your royalty splits have not yet been accepted by your collaborators, you can edit and remove them from your Royalty Splits dashboard.

To edit or remove a Release Split, click + Split All.

You’ll be asked whether you’d like to Overwrite or Add New.

If you choose Overwrite, all existing Track Splits will be removed and overwritten.

If you choose Add New, existing Track Split splits will remain unchanged, but your new Release Split will be applied to every track on the release.

To edit or remove a Track Split, click + Edit Splits next to any individual track on your release.

Here you can add and delete Track Splits, edit royalty shares and resend confirmation emails to your collaborators.

Learn more about split royalty payments:

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