Yes. If you have a bank account in a different country to the one you are a resident in, it may be possible to receive payouts in a different currency.

  1. Go to your Payouts dashboard and hit Update Details. Temporarily change the country and address of your active payout method to the country with the currency you want to be paid in - and save.

  2. Set up a payment method with your new bank account info, selecting the preferred country and currency option.

  3. Go back to your main active payout method and re-enter your real address and country info - and save.

NOTE: This last step is very important to ensure you aren't flagged by compliance and blocked.

Please be aware that neither the recipient nor the bank account can be in a sanctioned country/region. And after setting up the bank account in a different country, it is essential that you re-enter your true address and country info in your original payout method. Failing to update will most likely mean your account is flagged by compliance and blocked.

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