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How do I add a royalty payout method?
How do I add a royalty payout method?
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Before you can get the royalties you've earned, you'll need to set up and confirm your payout method. You can withdraw royalties direct to your bank account or to a Payoneer wallet.

Head to the Royalties section of your Ditto dashboard, select the Payout tab.

After confirming your email address and a quick identity check, you’ll be able to connect payout methods. Just click +Add New.

Select the payout method you would like to add - Bank Transfer or Payoneer. Learn more about connecting Payoneer.

You will also need to enter and verify your phone number to keep your payouts secure with two-factor authentication.

Now it's time to enter your banking information. Once you've completed all the steps, just click the cross to close the pop-up window and complete the process.

Before you can withdraw royalties to a new payout method, you'll also need to verify the payout method by email.

After your payout method is verified, you can hit Withdraw to request a payout.

It's easy to edit your payment methods if necessary. Learn more about changing your payout method.

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