Ditto Music Publishing is a service that enables Ditto distribution clients who write their own music to collect their publishing royalties.

Publishing collection societies only accept Musical Work registrations that credit the actual songwriters - this means that we can't register Musical Works on behalf of third-party representatives (such as a record label or a manager).

However, record labels and managers that have a Professional or Label subscription plan with Ditto Music can submit Musical works on behalf of their artists - but the writer will collect their royalties directly.

Here’s how it works.

If you have a Multiple Artist Plan (Professional or Label), you can register a track for publishing for any artist on your account.

1. Scroll down to My Releases on the Music section of your dashboard, click the dropdown arrow next to the release in question and select Publishing.

2. Select Add Work, choose a track from the release and confirm it is an original work.

3. Submit their details as a ‘co-writer’ and add the share they control. You can assign a 100% share to one co-writer if necessary.

Make sure to provide their full legal name and correct email address.

4. We’ll then contact them by email prompting them to sign up to Ditto Music Publishing for free.

We only take our 10% commission from royalties and they will not have to pay an annual subscription fee.

If you have any questions about Ditto Music Publishing, please contact support@dittomusic.com

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