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How do I find my Spotify ID?
How do I find my Spotify ID?
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Your Spotify ID is a unique string of characters that identifies your artist profile on Spotify 🔍 🎶

Here's how to find it:

1. Head to your Artist Page on Spotify and click on the 3 dots below your artist name.

2. Select Share from the menu and click Copy link to artist.

3. Paste this link into a browser. Your Spotify ID is the string of characters located between /artist/ and ? as highlighted below.

Big Zuu Spotify ID

Note: Make sure you provide your Spotify ID whenever you upload new releases to Spotify. This will make sure your music is always mapped to the correct artist profile 📍

You can enter your Spotify ID for any artists on your account by heading to their Artist Dashboard and pasting it into the Spotify ID field!

If you're having trouble with your Spotify ID, please reach out to our support team 🤝

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