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Can I release music to Instagram & Facebook?
Can I release music to Instagram & Facebook?
Updated over a week ago

Yes! You can add both your new and existing releases on Instagram and Facebook 🎶

Just select Instagram & Facebook on the Distribution section of the Ditto Release Builder during the upload process 👇

Ditto Release Builder - Store Selector.

If you'd like to add an existing release to Instagram & Facebook, log into your account and head to My Releases in the Music section of your dashboard.

Then choose the Add stores option from the drop-down menu next to your existing release and select Instagram & Facebook from the menu on the following page.

How does releasing music to Instagram & Facebook work?

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so the two platforms are intrinsically linked when it comes to releasing music.

When you release music to Instagram & Facebook, it will be available for 'Music in Stories'. This means Instagram users can select your track to feature in the Instagram Stories that they post! 🤳

It also allows you to protect your music against copyright infringement on Facebook allowing creators to use your music in the content they create and share 🤝

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