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Can I withdraw royalties without an active subscription?
Can I withdraw royalties without an active subscription?
Updated over a week ago

To withdraw your royalties and release new music, you need to have an active Ditto subscription 💰 🎶

If you don't keep up with your subscription payments, you also risk your releases being taken down from all music streaming and download platforms.

Due to the large number of releases we process, your music will not automatically be taken down - so if you want your music to stay up, make sure to renew your plan!

If you do want your release removed from Ditto, please request a takedown via your account and our team will be able to help you 🤝

Note: If you do stop paying your subscription and your releases become at risk of takedown, we recommend you make a note of all your metadata information associated with your releases.

This includes ISRC codes, artist names, track titles, original audio files, original artwork & all any other metadata pertaining to your release.

This will help ensure your music's key info doesn't get lost and will help you in the future if you want to re-upload anything 💿

For any questions about your Ditto Music subscription, please send an email to with your account details and we'll be happy to help out! 🙂

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