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Can I re-release music I’ve already released with Ditto?
Can I re-release music I’ve already released with Ditto?
Updated over a week ago

Yes. Here's how to re-release music you've previously put out through Ditto.

1. Find all the metadata and original files associated with the music you’d like to re-release.

This includes:

  • ISRC codes & UPC code

  • Artist names & track titles

  • Original audio files

It’s really important all of this information is EXACTLY the same as your original release when you re-upload your music to Ditto, so make a note of it, double-check everything and keep it somewhere safe.

2. Issue a takedown request for the existing release.

Before you can re-release music, you’ll need to take down the original.

Scroll down to My Releases on the My Music section of your Ditto dashboard, click the Complete tab, and select Takedown from the dropdown menu next to the release in question.

It usually takes between 2 - 4 weeks for your release to be removed from all stores. If you need a release removed urgently, please contact

3. Re-upload the release using the same Ditto account and metadata

Once your takedown request has been processed and your release is no longer live in stores, you can re-upload your music as a re-release through the same Ditto Music account.

Remember to upload the release with the exact same metadata you made a note of earlier, including ISRC & UPC codes, artist names and track titles, as well as the original audio files.

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