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Can I edit or remove my release after it's been sent to stores?
Can I edit or remove my release after it's been sent to stores?
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If you want to edit your release after it's been sent to stores, you can contact us and we will update it for you as long as it's not one of the following changes:

  • Add or Remove Tracks

  • Change track order

  • Change the main artist name or artist role from Featured to Primary

  • Special cases whereby resolving ISRC conflicts on labelcamp does not work

If you'd like to make any of the above changes, make a note of your original ISRC codes take down the release and follow these steps to re-upload it with the edits you'd like.

1. Request a takedown of your existing release.

2. Create a new release and re-upload your music with any edits you'd like to make.

3. At Stage 2 of the Release Builder, click the edit button beside each track you've uploaded and enter the original ISRC codes manually.

4. At Stage 3 of the Release Builder, select ‘Yes' when asked if this album or single has been released before.

5. Confirm your original release date and choose your re-release date.

6. Complete all other stages of the Release Builder, add the release to your basket and check out.

Once you've completed all these steps, your music will be re-released to stores with the edits you've made, while keeping any existing stream counts and playlist placements.

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