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Can I view my music analytics in more detail?
Can I view my music analytics in more detail?
Updated over a week ago

You absolutely can! The ‘Filter by…’ option on your Analytics dashboard lets you to explore your streaming & download data in even more detail 📈

Want to see how many Apple Music streams one of your new tracks is getting in Australia? Or how about how downloads your latest EP achieved on Amazon in France?

The filters on your Ditto analytics dashboard have useful info on how all of your releases are performing across all the major music platforms in countries around the world 🌍

Filter your streaming and download analytics to get a detailed view of how your music is being consumed by your fans!

You can filter your analytics by:

  • Country

  • Store

  • Track

  • Release

  • Artist

  • Label

Just head to the Analytics section of your Ditto dashboard, hit the ‘Filter by…’ button in the top right of your screen and start typing in the various fields to filter your music's data!

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