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Can I release cover songs, remixes or songs using samples?
Can I release cover songs, remixes or songs using samples?
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If you release a cover, remix or song that uses samples, you'll probably need permission from the original copyright holder.

You can usually get this by purchasing a license before releasing your music. If you don't have the necessary license, we won't be able to release your music.

Here's a quick overview of music licensing, but we'd recommend also reading this article on music licensing and copyright.

Cover songs

No license is required to release cover songs to streaming platforms, but you'll need a Mechanical License for download stores. The mechanical license you need may also vary from country to country.


If you're remixing someone else's track, you'll need a Master License. Master Licenses can be a little trickier to get compared to Mechanical licenses. You may have to find, contact and negotiate with the rights holder directly.


You'll need to get hold of both a Master and Mechanical License in order to legally use a sample of someone else's song in your track.

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