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How do I pitch my music for sync?
How do I pitch my music for sync?
Updated over a week ago

Our Pro and Label subscriptions unlock your Ditto Music Publishing dashboard.

Here you’ll also find our Sync Pitching Dashboard. This is where we list the latest sync briefs we're pitching music for.

You can browse our latest sync opportunities and if you find one that suits your style, it’s easy to pitch your track.

Remember, please only pitch a track that fits the brief. If we're asking for a drum & bass instrumental, don’t pitch rap! You get the idea.

With all that in mind, here’s how to submit your music on our Sync Pitching Dashboard.

1. Head to your Publishing Dashboard and select the Sync Opportunities tab. (Can’t access Publishing? You'll need to upgrade to Pro)

2. Read the sync briefs carefully. Each brief includes an application deadline and a description of the type of track required as well as a reference track - offering a quick comparison to the sound they’re looking for.

If you find a brief that matches your sound, hit Apply to start your pitch.

3. Pick a track to pitch. You can only submit songs released through Ditto.

Use the “Tell us more about you” to tell us why your track fits the brief as well as info about your music like monthly listeners, social followers or anything else you think is worth letting us know.

Once you completed the form - click Apply!

If you're thinking of pitching, make sure you also have instrumental & clean versions of the track ready to go.

Sync deals are very competitive and while we do review all submissions, we can’t guarantee your music will be put forward to the client for every opportunity you apply for.

You’ll hear back from us if your pitch was successful. If you don’t hear from us, don’t be too disheartened! We’ll regularly receive new sync briefs from a wide range of clients, so keep checking back for the latest opportunities.

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