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Can I add lyrics to my release?
Can I add lyrics to my release?
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Yes! You can upload lyrics with your tracks through the Ditto Release Builder.

We'll send your lyrics to music platforms including Apple Music, Tencent, Anghami and Joox.

Lyrics are processed separately from audio, artwork & other meta-data, so releases may go live on stores without lyrics at first, before being added later as an update.

Make sure any lyrics you add to a release adhere to the guidelines below. Otherwise, we'll need to edit them before sending them to stores which can cause long delays.

How to add lyrics to a release

1. Upload your music at the Track List (Stage 2) section of the Release Builder.

2. Click Edit next to each track you have uploaded.

3. Scroll down to 'Do you want to add lyrics?' and click Yes.

4. Type or paste your lyrics to the box that appears. If your lyrics don't adhere to the style and formatting guidelines set by stores, they may be rejected. Scroll down to read the lyrics guidelines.

5. Select Yes or No to state whether your lyrics contain explicit content. [video-to-gif output image]

Lyric style guidelines

It's important that the lyrics you add to your tracks adhere to the style guidelines set by stores like Apple Music. Lyrics that don't follow the guidelines may be rejected.

Here are a few important things to remember:

1. Lyrics need to be accurate and match the audio you've uploaded.

2. Lyrics should be formatted like a poem, so sections and changes within a song are separated with line and section breaks. Every individual lyric line should have a single line break and a double line break should separate each verse, chorus, bridge etc into stanzas.

3. Don't add commas at the end of each line. Just start a new line without any punctuation.

4. Enter lyrics in standard sentence casing, starting each line with a capital letter. Don't upload them in all upper or lower caps.

5. Any explicit words or repeated lines must be included in full. For example, don't type (Chorus x3) or F*** in place of the full lyrical content.

Make sure to read Apple Music's full lyric style guidelines here.

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