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Why has my account been suspended?
Why has my account been suspended?
Updated over a week ago

We will only suspend or ban an account if we have no other option.

The most common reason for account suspension is abnormal streaming activity. When abnormal streaming activity is reported to us by the major streaming platforms like Spotify we are forced to investigate.

We have to take any report of abnormal streaming activity seriously to prevent fraud.

What is abnormal streaming activity and how does it happen?

Abnormal streaming activity normally happens when an artist buys fake streams online or works with a promotional company that uses underhand tactics or bots to increase their client's streaming numbers.

Fake and artificial streaming has a serious effect on the music industry and legitimate artists worldwide. It drives down the royalty share of genuine artists and has been known to contribute to the manipulation of the stock market which is a criminal offence.

You can read more about Spotify's response to fake streams here.

Can I appeal against my account suspension?

Yes. If you believe a mistake has been made and your streams are legitimate you can help us with our investigation by providing the following information:

- Any playlists you have been added to.

- Any promotional services you have purchased or promotional companies you have worked with.

- Details on how any recent promotion campaigns were carried out (reports on social media ads or any other channels)

If you believe your account has been wrongly flagged for abnormal streaming, please get in touch with us as soon as possible with this information so we carry out our investigation.

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