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How do I use my Ditto Music discount code?
How do I use my Ditto Music discount code?
Updated over a week ago

You can enter discount codes once you reach Your Basket.

If you're applying a voucher code to industry release tools like Chart Registration, Pre-Release and Express Release, just add them on the Release Builder as normal. Then when you reach Your Basket, type your code into the Discount Code box and hit Validate.

For subscription discount codes, add your new plan to your basket and enter your code in the same way as above.

If you're still on your 30-day free trial but would like to apply a voucher code for an Artist subscription before you're charged, you'll need to cancel your free trial first.

Click Account Overview in your profile menu, scroll down to My Subscriptions History and click View Details next to your 30-day Free Trial. Then select Cancel Subscription.

Once you've done this you can return to your main dashboard, add an Starter subscription to your basket and enter your discount code.

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