If you cancel your Ditto Music subscription, your releases may be at risk of being taken down from any music streaming and download platforms they currently live on. 

However, due to the large volume of releases processed at Ditto Music every day, your release will not automatically be taken down. If you do want your release to be removed straight away, please request a takedown request via your Ditto account. 

Note: If you do stop paying your subscription and your releases become at risk of takedown, we recommend you make a note of all your metadata information associated with your releases. This includes ISRC codes, artist names, track titles, original audio files, original artwork & all any other metadata pertaining to your release. This will ensure all you're music's key information does not get lost if you plan to reupload the same music in the future. It’s really important that all of this is correct when re-releasing music to major platforms, so double-check everything and keep it somewhere safe.

If you have any questions about paying your Ditto Music subscription, please send an email to support@dittomusic.com with your account details and we'll be happy to help out.