First you’ll need to navigate to your release’s Royalty Splits dashboard. If you’re not sure how to find the Royalty splits dashboard, click here.

You can set up both Release Splits and Track Splits from a release’s Royalty Splits dashboard.

  1. Hit + Split All to add a Release Split. This will change the royalty shares of every track on your release at once.

Or click any of the + Add Split buttons to add Track Splits. This will change the royalties shares of individual tracks within a release.

  1. Enter the names, email addresses and royalty shares of your collaborators. 

You can use the + Add Another Split option to add up to 20 collaborators to each Release or Track Split.

  1. Click Save Edits to confirm your splits. We’ll send a message to the email addresses you provide asking your collaborators to confirm their royalty shares.

You can also quickly add any of your existing Track Splits to another track on your release using the Copy Splits from… button

Once your collaborators have accepted their royalty shares, we will pay any royalties generated from the release into their Ditto Music account. Any royalties earned before your collaborators confirm their shares will continue to be paid into your account. 

If you need to remind a collaborator to accept their shares, just hit the Resend Email button. 

Don’t forget, your collaborators will need to create a free Ditto Music account to confirm their shares, set up a payment method and withdraw their royalties.

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