Introducing the #DittoMusicChallenge on TikTok!

TikTok is a massively music-focused platform, where more artists than ever before are getting discovered and going viral. With Ditto Music, you can release custom snippets of your music to TikTok’s music library, where it could end up being featured in the latest viral videos.

To help you get discovered, we want to share YOUR music on TikTok. Plus we’re giving away over £1,000 worth of studio equipment to our favourite entries. 

All you need to do is join the #DittoMusicChallenge.

This is your chance to win some awesome prizes AND get your music shared on our socials.

Here’s how to get involved. 

How to enter:

1) Create a video on TikTok using or performing your music.

Use TikTok to record a 30 second clip showcasing your music. Either select your music from TikTok’s music library or just perform it live on camera. We want to see you playing live, miming, freestyling - it’s time to get creative! 

We’ll check out every single entry. We want to hear what YOU'VE got! 

2) Tag us in your post @dittomusic & include #DittoMusicChallenge. 

Use #DittoMusicChallenge and tag us @dittomusic in your post so we can find your entry. You could also challenge your friends and fans to use your music too. We’ll trawl through every post using the hashtag, pick out and share our favourites.

3) Share your video to all your socials.

When you’ve created & posted your video on TIkTok, don’t forget to share your entry across Instagram, Twitter and anywhere else. Make sure to get your fans & friends to re-share your video as well. 

What can you win? 

One artist will win BIG. We’ll be hooking them up with home studio set-up worth up to £1,000 - or the equivalent in your local currency.

We’ll also be giving out weekly prizes to favourite entries including microphones, headphones, Amazon gift cards and Ditto Music Artist subscriptions with £100 credit to spend on their account. 

Plus we’ll share ALL of the best clips on our own socials, giving you an extra platform to be discovered on. 

Join the #DittoMusicChallenge for your chance to win! 

Who can enter? 

The #DittoMusicChallenge challenge is open to everyone! 

No matter where in the world you're based or what kind of music you make, we want YOU to get involved on TikTok. 

Ready to get involved? ENTER HERE