Yes! You can add both your new and existing releases on Instagram and Facebook.

Just select Instagram & Facebook on the 'Distribution' section of Release Builder during the upload process.

If you'd like to add an existing release to Instagram & Facebook, log into your account and head to 'My Releases' in the 'Music' section of your dashboard. Then choose the 'Add stores' option from the drop-down menu next to your existing release and select Instagram & Facebook from the menu on the following page.

How does releasing music to Instagram & Facebook work?

Instagram is owned by Facebook, so the two platforms are intrinsically linked when it comes to releasing music.

When you release music to Instagram & Facebook, it will be available for 'Music in Stories'. This means Instagram users can select your track to feature in the Instagram Stories that they post.

It also allows you to protect your music against copyright infringement on Facebook allowing  creators to use your music in the content they create and share.