The process of moving your music to Ditto from another distributor is simple, but it’s important you follow these steps very carefully to make sure you don’t lose any of your existing streams or playlist placements.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find all meta data and original files associated with the music you’d like to move to Ditto.

This includes:

  • ISRC codes

  • Artist name & track titles

  • Original audio files

  • Original artwork

It’s really important all of this information is EXACTLY the same as your original release when you re-upload your music to Ditto, so make a note of it, double check everything and keep it somewhere safe.

  1. Issue a takedown request with your current distributor.

Log into the account you have with your current distributor and ask them to remove your music from stores. There is usually a ‘takedown request’ button you can click to make this happen.

It is really important that you wait until your release has been completely removed from all stores before we can re-deliver it. If we try and re-deliver it before it has been properly removed, the release will fall up as a duplicate in the stores' system, which will result in both releases being removed. 

Ensuring that this process is correctly followed, there will be no issues with crossovers and potential editorial hides from Apple Music, Spotify or any other stores you're requesting a takedown from. 

  1. Reupload your music to Ditto.

Once your takedown request has been processed by your current distributor and your release is no longer live in stores, you can reupload your music to Ditto.

Remember to use the exact same ISRC codes, artist names and track titles you made a note of earlier, as well as the original audio files and artwork.

What next?

We’ll get your music back up in stores as quickly as possible with all of your original streaming numbers & playlist placements intact, but there may be a short period of downtime.

If you’re thinking of moving to Ditto, contact us at with the subject line ‘Moving to Ditto’ and we’ll help you with the process.