Your Record Label in a Box Contracts Wizard includes access to the contracts below. We also offer an upgrade pack with 4 extra contracts. You can learn more about about our upgrade pack here.

Management Agreement

  • The Management Agreement sets out what the duties and responsibilities of both the manager and artist will be. This contract is for use when you are managing an artist in more of an advisory and promotional role. You are not funding the artist or owning any of the copyright to the music (as if they were signed to the label)

360 / Multiple Rights Agreement

  • The 360 / Multiple Rights Agreement contract covers all aspects of signing an artist as well as promotion and earning money. That includes the income from recordings, live performance, publishing and merchandise, how the accounting will be kept, quality, expense and rights for recording, distribution and touring.

Sound Recording Agreement

  • The Sound Recording Agreement is to be used when you are signing a record rather than an artist. It covers the royalty splits, the artist's responsibilities (eg. giving the rights to use their name and image to promote the recording) and the label's responsibilities (eg. will to the best of their abilities promote the record and provide accounts of the sales).

Artist Development Agreement

  • The Artist Development Agreement is mainly used for artists in the early stages of their career. It sets out that the manager must find a label for the artist using the demos, how the demos will be paid for and how the manager will recoup the expenses.

Merchandising Agreement

  • The Merchandising Agreement is used for licensing an artists branding (logo, photos etc) for merchandise and outlining the payment structure for the sales.

Sync Agreement

  • The Sync Agreement can be used to claim the non-exclusive rights to licence a track for synchronisation in exchange for a fee paid to the artist.