We can send your release to our YouTube Content ID matching platform by request. Content ID will scan all content uploaded to YouTube to check if it features your music. If your music is found in any content, a copyright claim will be automatically applied. 

We can only apply Content ID to 100% original compositions to which you own the rights. 

We can only apply Content ID if your release is also delivered to Youtube Music through Ditto.

To prevent erroneous claims being made against content that you don’t own, YouTube advises that the following types of content SHOULD NOT have Content ID applied:

  • Cover songs, generic instrumentals, remasters, sound-alike recordings or songs with audio elements or samples you don’t have the exclusive license to use.

  • Remixes (unless you are also the original artist), sound effects, soundbeds, production loops and some dubbed content.

  • Songs that use free beats, loops, or samples sourced from music apps or audio workstations such as Garage Band, Ableton, Fruity Loops, or Logic.

  • Songs using beats you have leased or purchased, unless you own the beat outright and no one else has the right to use it online.

  • Songs that use audio elements in the Public Domain or with open-licenses such as Creative Commons

When you request YouTube Content ID, your releases will need to be checked for eligibility. 

Falsely declaring that your content is completely original will be viewed as a misuse of our Content ID service and may result in a warning, suspension or the closure of your account.