If you need to make an edit after the release has been sent to stores you will need to make a note of your original ISRC and UPC codes, take your music down and follow these steps to reupload the release with your required edits. 

1. Request a takedown of your current release. 

2. Create a new release 

3. At Stage 2 of the Release Builder, re-upload your music and deselect ‘Generate ISRC codes’. 

4. Click the ‘Edit track details’ button beside each track and enter the original ISRC codes manually. 

5. At Stage 3 of the Release Builder, select ‘Yes, this is a re-release’ and input the original release date. 

6. Select the box labelled ‘Yes, use my own barcode’ and enter the original EAN/UPC code for the release. 

7. Leave ‘As soon as possible’ selected on the ‘When would you like this release to go on sale?’ section. 

8. Complete all other stages of the Release Builder. 

9. Add To Basket and Confirm & Process Order.