After the 30 day free trial period, you must start marking annual payments to renew your Ditto Music subscription each year.

If you do not have an active Ditto Music subscription, you will risk the removal of your releases from all the online stores you're actively releasing music on. 

By not renewing your subscription, you will also no longer be able to continue releasing new music through your Ditto account or withdraw royalties. Access to your Ditto dashboard with important insights about royalties payments, streaming data, and analytics will also be lost. 

Note: If you forget to renew your subscription and your releases become at risk of takedown, we recommend you make a note of all your metadata information for your releases. This will include: ISCR codes, artist names, track titles, original audio files, original artwork & all other metadata pertaining to your release. This will ensure all of this important information does not get lost while your releases are at risk of removal. It’s really important all of this information is exactly the same as the information on your release, so double-check everything and keep it somewhere safe.

If you have any queries about renewing your subscription with Ditto Music, please send an email to with your account details and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about your subscription plan.