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What is Pre-Order Instant Gratification?
What is Pre-Order Instant Gratification?
Updated over a week ago

When you make your release available for pre-order, you’ll also have the option to offer your fans Instant Gratification 🙌

Instant-gratification tracks are available for individual purchase on the iTunes Store during the pre-order and are available to stream on Apple Music as part of the pre-add.

You can also set up early access on some streaming platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and Beatport! 🎶

You can offer Instant Gratification of 1 track for every 4 tracks on your release. So if you're releasing 8 tracks, 2 of these can be made available for Instant Gratification.

Once you've chosen to make your music available for Pre-Release, you'll be asked to set up Instant Gratification before adding your release to basket.

Note: It's not a requirement to pre-order to get instant gratification.

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